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Lumberjack WPPR Chopper pinball tournaments are being coordinated in concert with Pin-Masters and IFPA Nationals, which are held at District 82. None of these tournaments will conflict with the tournaments held at District 82. All of the tournaments will be IFPA-registered. Each tournament is $25, with $15 from entry to the prize pool. (All games on free-play) The top 8 places are paid out at 35%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 5%, 5%, 5% & 5%


Wednesday, March 8th, 2023
8 Fair Strike Tournament | 4 PM Practice | 5 PM Tournament Start | Cost $25 | Limited to 150 contestants.
IFPA approved knockout pinball tournament.

This is the Fair Strikes Format, so when in 4 player groups (1st No Strike, 2nd and 3rd 1 Strike, 4th 2 Strikes); 3 player groups (1st No Strike, 2nd 1 Strike, 3rd 2 Strikes); 2 player group if needed (1st No Strike, 2nd 2 Strikes)
The tournament will use all 40+ Pinball Machines inside Lumberjack Johnnys. Each round will randomize the game played. The Matchplay software will pick the games played and matches the players up in groups. 

Cash Prizes for 1st - 8th place, trophies or plaques for 1st - 4th


Thursday, March 9th, 2023
10 Strike progressive knockout pinball tournament | 4 PM Practice | 5 PM Tournament Start | Cost $25 | Limited to 150 contestants.

You will play in groups of 4 players (3 when necessary), with random seeding to start, then swiss-style pairing afterward. You will get 0/1/2/3 strikes per round (1 game per round). Once you receive ten strikes, you are out of the tournament. Once eliminated, you may stay and play all the games on free play for the rest of the night. Matchplay will alternate random games each round. Your final position will be determined by the round and number of strikes you have. For example, if you go into a round with eight strikes and someone else in a different group goes into a round with seven strikes, you both get 4th place, adding three strikes to your total. You would have 11 strikes and finish behind the person who ended the same round with only ten strikes.

A tie for first place will result in a 1 GAME Tie Breaker randomly chosen by the tournament director. Ties between 2nd-8th position will be broken with a 1 BALL game tie-breaker for the affected players to determine the trophy and/or cash received. The game will be randomly selected. When reporting this to IFPA for points, those ties will be reported as such except a tie for 1st place. 1st Place is significant and will be reported as a win and not a tie. No playoffs or finals. 

Cash Prizes for 1st - 8th,  trophies or plaques for 1st - 4th


Friday, March 10th, 2023

5 PM - 11PM & Saturday March 11th 11 AM -11 PM
Open play for $20 all games on free play.


Sunday, March 12th, 2023

Matchplay target score 30 points | Cost $25 | Limited to 150 contestants

8:30 AM Practice | 9:30 AM Tournament Start

The tournament will use all 40+ Pinball Machines inside Lumberjack Johnnys. Each round, Matchplay will alternate the game played.

This is a Group Match Play Pinball Tournament with Swiss seeding and four players (3 if necessary) in each group. Scoring is based on player performance for that one machine (3/2/1/0) or (3/2/1). This will be added to a running total for the tournament. The first player to reach 30 points is declared the winner, and the tournament is over. If multiple players reach the target score in the same round, the player with the higher total is the winner. If they are tied, a randomly drawn game will be selected for the tie-breaker. Only ties between 1st-8th position will be broken with a 1-game tie breaker for the affected players. No playoffs or finals.
Cash Prizes for 1st - 8th, trophies for 2nd  - 4th, title belt for 1st place


Stern Leaderboard Challenge runs for the entire event.
The leaderboard challenge runs from Wednesday, March 8th, through Sunday, March 12th. A high score winner will be declared for each title at the close of the Sunday target matchplay tournament. Each Stern title included in the leaderboard challenge will receive a prize.


All dates and times are fixed. Tournament details may be adjusted based on IFPA rule changes.


We will proudly broadcast the Fox Cities Pinball stream(s) throughout our tournaments. We will be highlighting live and past tournaments at District 82 through the event. Sunday, we will broadcast the final 16 players of Pin-Masters being held at District 82.

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